Fallen Crest
May 15th 2018

That's right. We have an official date. We are so excited to finally put an end to this lengthy wait, and bring this new exciting server to you all! Of course, the work doesn't stop there, we will always be constantly working on new dungeons, new mobs, new buildings, and new features.

There have been many who have helped us in this process, so I'd like to give them all a thanks. I would name everyone, but I don't want to risk forgetting someone XD

So what to do between now and May 15th? Well we do have a test world, survival roleplay. In addition, we are always accepting help from anyone who can give it.

If you have any questions, join our discord:

Hello Adventurers!

We need your help! Our destination is one of riches and beauty, but it is unprotected.

On the path ahead, we must deal with monsters and beasts of all kinds. It is our duty to make sure they don't make it to our destination with us.

Introducing.... *drum roll* the Beta World! In this world, our duty first and foremost, is to find and destroy all the bugs and glitches on Fallen Crest.

We need YOU to come play, roleplay, and survive in this Beta World. Help us by having fun! :D

Sidenote: This was a downloaded map and is not at all similar to what our real map will look like. Our map is much better. Also this world has it's own set of rules, seen at spawn. None of the RP is canon to the main world, so you can do almost anything you want, just be realistic and dont ruin rp for others. Good builds will be saved.

Thanks for stopping by our website!

We are happy to have you here, and can't wait for you to get a chance to play on our medieval renaissance roleplay minecraft server.

We are working as fast as we can to produce the best server possible. Want to help?

Message Bew on enjin and we will be happy to give anyone a chance!

Hope to see you on Fallen Crest when it opens!

Dossidii Well hello there.