- Server Rules -

Rule 1: Be respectful among others in the community; this includes players and the Staff.

Rule 2: Disrespectful, inappropriate, or hateful language/actions will not be tolerated (This includes select profanities and racism).

Rule 3: Hacking, using illegal mods, and exploiting the server will result in a permanent ban.

Rule 4: Disregarding Staff will not be tolerated.

Rule 5: Please use the English language only.

Rule 6: Spamming will not be tolerated.

Rule 7: Alternate, or "spare", accounts are not allowed on the server.

Rule 8: Random killing, more commonly known as "RDM", is not allowed.

Rule 9: Advertising is not allowed. This includes mentioning other server's names, and "convincing" players to join them.

Rule 10: Griefing is not tolerated. In addition, all building requires permission from land owners, or staff, unless home interior.

Rule 11: Admins reserve the right to take down, change, or tell builders to fix any builds that are not on par with the quality the server strives for. If continuous issues of low quality buildings occur with a player, a building ban may be put in place on said player.

Rule 12: All banned players must have their ban appeal accepted before interacting with the community on our forums, discord, and/or skype (Some exceptions do apply).

Rule 13: Loopholing rules is not allowed.

Rule 14: You must be 13 years or older to play on the server and be a part of our community.

- Roleplay Rules -

Rule 1: Metagaming, Powergaming, Metabaiting, and God-Modding will not be tolerated. These stated terms are considered fail-roleplay, which will result in a warn/ban. To learn what these terms mean, click here: Roleplay Guide

Rule 2: Disruptive roleplay will not be tolerated. This includes interfering in roleplay without an in-character reason.

Rule 3: Erotic roleplay, or "ERP", is not allowed in public chats. Any ERP attempted without consent is punishable by a permanent ban. All participants of erotic roleplay must be of legal age.

Rule 4: For a player to kill, or harm another player's character, they must hold a valid reason. If there are complaints of an invalid killing/harming, staff will take control of the situation.

Rule 5: All players' skins must fit a race. Click here for a guide on races. In addition to this, armor skins are not allowed, unless your character owns the type of armor.

Rule 6: Magic is not a known practice in the world of Unia. Do not create magic-wielding characters.

Rule 7: Stay true to your character. For example, a character with great patience should not jump the gun into combat with a "short-temper" attitude.

Rule 8: Characters should not have encounters with NPCs without Staff permissions. For example, someone cannot be pushed off a cliff by "someone" who does not exist. The only time NPCs can be involved without permission is in your character's backstory.

Rule 9: Breaking lore is considered fail-roleplay. Lore-breaking roleplay will not be tolerated.

Rule 10: You may not leave RP to avoid consequences with your character.

Rule 11: Playing multiple characters at once is not allowed.

Rule 12: If a player wishes to switch characters for a short time, this can be done through permission from the Staff. With permissions, a player's initial character can be returned to afterwards.

Rule 12.2: Further explaining Rule 11, a player may not switch characters to avoid their initial character's death. This can also be referred to as: "Waiting out the storm".

Rule 13: All characters must be from the city of Ornin within character backstories. Do not create new lands or towns for your backstory, unless given staff approval. To learn more about Ornin, click here: Official Lore

Rule 14: Within roleplay, if you take an action that you would lose health from in game, you must take damage in roleplay as well. (For example, let's say you jump off a 20 block tower and land on hay. You would take damage in game, so you must roleplay being hurt as well.)

Rule 15: The Staff team of, "Fallen Crest", reserves the right to character-lock a player. Character-locking will only occur if a player jumps characters to gain out-of-character information, or to avoid in-character deaths.

Fallen Crest is not responsible for online interactions.