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Welcome to Fallen Crest!

Fallen Crest is a whitelist roleplay server. In our vast world,

we offer beautiful experiences and thought-out storylines.

A medieval world of vibrant cities and 

settlements, each populated and governed by   

the players. Infinite opportunities of roleplay  

awaiting players around every corner.

A variety of monsters and dungeons ready to

be plundered by adventurers, heroes, or

even loot hunters.

Events, player-built and/or staff hosted, in which

players are welcomed to participate. Decisions,

actions, and stories which may decide

the fate of the world.

Four playable races, all joint together under

 one banner. Group up or even form guilds

with those you trust to aid you against the

 cruelties of the world.

Be a farmer. Be a trader. Just maybe...

Be a Hero.

Fallen Crest

Version 1.12.2